Why is API monitoring needed?

Global NetWatch provides API monitoring using synthetic traffic to ensure vital APIs are performing as expected.  Frequent scheduled monitoring guarantees the APIs you rely on are available, performing within expected response times and returning valid response data.

What sets Global NetWatch API monitoring apart?

  • Content checking to validate response data
  • Support for multi-step API calls that need to be run in sequence and utilize data returned from previous API calls
  • Multi-region monitoring from locations around the world
  • Snapshot of any errors or failed content validations
  • Unlimited alerting for errors or performance degradations
  • Frequent scheduled monitoring ensures an accurate picture of API availability and performance

What kind of APIs can Global NetWatch monitor?

Global NetWatch has experience monitoring APIs across multiple domains. We can support most common API architectures, message formats and authentication schemes. We offer full support of all REST methods (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE)

  • API architecture
    • REST
    • SOAP
  • Message formats
    • JSON
    • XML
    • Name value pairs
  • Authentication schemes
    • API keys
    • OAuth
    • JWT
    • Bearer
    • Basic

What APIs should I monitor?

Public APIs:  If you provide an API for public consumption then it is vital that you ensure it is operating correctly and not causing problems for any of your customers that are relying on your API.

Internal APIs: An API that your company provides for use within your organization can often be just as important to maintaining operational stability as public-facing APIs.

Partner APIs:  If your business relies on an API provided by a third-party partner then that API is likely critical to your own success.  Be alerted to problems immediately so that you can contact the right person to get operations restored as soon as possible.  Also useful in validating third party SLA agreements.

Global NetWatch is excited to announce it has been acquired by TSG effective October 1, 2022. Visit thestrawgroup.com to learn more or email us with questions.